Motion photoshoot of cars

Motion / Cars / Speed

Motion photoshoot of cars: Photographs of the movement of the car is the main part of my work. To capture movement in a photograph, you must have a moving camera or subject. If you move the camera, then you need to keep the focus points on the subject. Basically in my job I have to photograph cars in motion at any time. Naturally, night shooting is much more difficult.

The most interesting thing is the dynamics effect, but for this you need to have a good understanding of your camera settings and its capabilities, as well as the capabilities of your lens. Subscribe to my Instagram page, because that’s where I always post the latest work. By the way, watch my video, where the Lamborghini Evo rushes at high speed. If you have any questions about my services, write to me about it and I will publish the answer in the section (frequently asked questions)