Frequently Asked Questions - CAR PHOTOGRAPHER

Frequently Asked Questions


Is daytime photography different from evening photography?

Daytime photography differs from evening photography in that in the evening the light is much softer and shadows with low contrast are stretched in the opposite direction from the sun.

Is there a service agreement?

The contract is drawn up if the order is very complex and has a long stage of its implementation.

What free additional services does the photographer provide?

You can get a 20% discount on all services if the client comes from you.

Do you only take pictures, or do you also video shoot?

We with our team offer a comprehensive service, which deals with the production of photo and video products.

How to pay for photography services?

You can pay for services by card or cash.

How long do you have to wait for finished photos?

The waiting time depends on the complexity of the order. The minimum order preparation time is 8 hours, the maximum depends on the complexity of the order (3-5 days)

What conditions should the customer organize for the comfortable work of the photographer?

Basically, each order is unique in its own way, so the place, time, shooting conditions are discussed in advance.

How will the photos be presented?

If the client did not come to the shooting without warning, he must reimburse the time spent by paying 40% of the order.

What is involved in photo editing?

In the services and prices section you can see in detail what is included in each type of service.

Where can filming take place?

There are not many places in Dubai where you can freely shoot, in most cases it is necessary to get undressed. By the way, in the block section there is an article about interesting locations for photography

How is the car photo session planned?

The first step is to determine for yourself which service option suits your needs. The second step is to submit an application. Third step, the photographer will contact you to discuss all additional details. The last stage is determined by the cost of services, negotiated, time, date and conditions of photography.

Does the price of photography change from the cost of the car?

The price does not change relative to the cost of the car. The cost of services is always discussed at the beginning of the shooting at the time of the order.

How to get a discount for a large order

To get a 20% discount on all services, just bring your friend or acquaintance.

do you process other people’s photos of cars?

We organize a photo session with cars. By the way, you can see examples on the site in the portfolio